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Puneet Agarwal

CEO & President

Puneet Agarwal founded Eclectique F & B Concepts Pte Ltd in 2015. Then as of now, his mission is to provide fresh food and unique dining experiences to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Following his MBA in Finance from the Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore), Puneet worked as an investment banker and chartered accountant. During this time, he acquired and launched ten successful concepts in Singapore.

Getting to know Puneet Agarwal...

Since his retirement at 34, Puneet has been seeking investments in Singapore’s F&B sector and growing Eclectique F&B Concepts Ltd into the powerhouse it is today. Eclectique F&B Concepts Ltd and Restauranteur Singapore continue to host a variety of unique food experiences for anyone, anywhere.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Puneet used his foresight, leadership, and organizational capabilities to pivot business operations and keep his business thriving. For example, he pioneered the delivery service SGDelivery.Online. This gave consumers the opportunity to mix and match up to four different food concepts into one order and have everything delivered right to their doorsteps. At a time when many businesses were losing customers, Puneet was able to add new segments by expanding delivery services to fulfill grocery needs.


As the pandemic continued to stifle business, Puneet acquired and rebranded a wine distributor with the vision of catering to the then-booming stay-at-home market. Even while expanding his vision as an F&B operator, Puneet was able to keep costs in check and spread expansion burdens across different brands.


In 2021 Puneet’s many achievements in the restaurant group in Singapore earned him the Entrepreneur 100 Award. However, this is just the beginning. Puneet’s passion for good and affordable food drives him to continue growing Eclectique into a household name. He is committed to providing fresh and unique experiences to everyone and making it something that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

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