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An Introduction to Mediterranean Cuisine

"I visited the Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar at Boat Quay with a friend. The restaurant is located just behind the Law Society of Singapore at South Bridge Road. Opened in July 2018, this restaurant serves an array of Mediterranean cuisine such as dips, skewers, kebabs, wraps and stews.

The kitchen is helmed by Chef Hany, an Egyptian and a body builder and whose health conscious ethics are reflected in his cooking. For example, he uses less oil in his Biryani and this was evident by the lack of residual oil on the plate after we finished the Biryani! Chef Hany also skips dipping his kebab in butter, a practice common in many restaurants. Instead, he allows the kebabs to cook in their natural oils. Surprisingly, the kebabs were still moist and flavourful!" Genie Sugene Gan, Law Gazette

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