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Best Restaurants in Robertson Quay Singapore

A popular spot for both tourists and locals alike, Robertson Quay is the perfect place to catch a magnificent view of the riverside in a tranquil ambience. When it comes to dining, Robertson Quay isn’t short of food options as well. With a wide array of cuisines from Italian, Persian, French, Japanese, and more. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends, Robertson Quay offers plenty of choices for everyone.

Shabestan, Persian Restaurant at Robertson Quay

Located in the heart of Robertson Quay, Shabestan is a multi-award-winning Persian restaurant in Singapore. Established in 2013, Shabestan is where you can enjoy the finest Middle Eastern Cuisine in Singapore. They present their menu offering Persian dishes that use authentic Persian spices, herbs and cooking techniques. With a wide variety of Middle Eastern mezze, Iranian-style soups and healthy salads, mains including charcoal grilled kebabs, Persian stew and rice dishes, as well as desserts.

If you’re looking for lunch menus in the area that is a bang for your buck, Shabestan also offers a Healthy Persian Executive Set Lunch that is available daily from 12 to 3 pm. Priced from $48 per person, this 3-course menu features ancient Persian remedies comprising natural herbs, spices and food ingredients which have been used as medicine for centuries.

Additionally, if you want to enjoy afternoon tea while chilling by the outdoor seating area at Riverside Point, Shabestan has the perfect option for you. Introducing Shabestan's Food and Tea Pairing menu which features a wide variety of desserts, coffee and tea. Choose from their artisanal and single-origin teas or speciality brews which go from $13 per pot, coffees, and Middle Eastern desserts with options for both sweet and savoury.

What’s more, indulge in the flavours of the Middle East this Ramadan as the restaurant introduces their latest menu, Sham-e-Bahaar Menu 2023. Celebrate the season of Ramadan as this menu is available for dinner every day from 22 March to 21 April, priced at $119++ per person.

Shabestan. 80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-13. The Pier @ Robertson. Singapore 239013. Tel: +65 6836 1270

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