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Cuba Libre Clarke Quay, Singapore

"A fixture in Singapore’s nightlife district, Clarke Quay, since 2006, Cuba Libre Café & Bar was a pioneer concept bar when it first started and has now expanded to become a regional go-to name for Latin music in the region. 

For the uninitiated, Clarke Quay is a historic area right beside Singapore River.  The entertainment and nightlife hotspot consists of pre-World War II 2-storey shophouses and godowns converted to become restaurants and bars.  It is the unofficial Party Central of Singapore. The kitchen of Cuba Libre Café & Bar is helmed by Chef Alex Moreno, a native Cuban.  Trained at the Cohiba Hotel, he subsequently further honed his culinary skills in restaurants around Havana.  Before he came to Singapore, for three years, he has been executive chef for his own company in Vietnam.  In that role, he created the menu for several restaurants.

For the menu of Cuba Libre Café & Bar, Chef Alex has created a healthier, contemporary  Latin American menu with influences from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Portugal and Spain.

I have had millions of mojitos before, in 5-star hotels, in the best bars of the world and on board the world’s best airlines, but there is something unforgettable about this one.  The staff tells me they use black sugar (instead of white sugar most other people use)

I didn’t expect it but the shrimp skewer pairs quite well with the mojito.  The fiery heat of the shrimp is perfectly balanced by the ice and the sweetness of the mojito. Together, they create the perfect tropical bar experience.  I am really grateful for this combo." Joseph, The Travel Restaurant Hotel Website

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