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Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine named one of Singapore’s Top Restaurants by Wine & Dine Magazine

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Persian fine dining restaurant Shabestan has once again been recognised as one of Singapore’s Top Restaurants by Wine & Dine Magazine. The restaurant received an accolade under the Wine & Dine category for 2018/2019.

Shabestan was recognised for its overall dining experience by a panel of judges comprising prominent food experts, food writers, industry insiders, critics and commentators. It was one of the close to 450 restaurants which made the magazine’s list of Singapore’s Top Restaurants this year.

The 3,200 square feet restaurant at Robertson Quay was also named one of “Singapore’s Finest Dining Establishments” the year before by Wine & Dine.

It is known for serving authentic Persian dishes including Char-grilled Kebabs, Lamb Kubideh, Shandiz (lamb chops), Shah Pasand Chicken, Ghormeh Sabzi (Iranian herb stew), Bahala Polo Machicheh (lamb shank) and more.

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The restaurant is helmed by Iranian born Executive Chef Hamid Hosseini who has worked in various Persian kitchens; from traditional kitchens in Tehran, haute-cuisine kitchens in Dubai and modern Persian kitchen in Kuala Lumpur.

At Shabestan, Chef Hamid believes in using high-quality, authentic Persian ingredients and contemporary cooking techniques to extract the best flavours for his dishes. He aims to heighten the bar of Persian cuisine and to lead the introduction of New Persian cuisine to the world.

Commenting on the award, Chef Hamid said: “We are honoured to be recognised once again as one of the top restaurants in Singapore. Shabestan’s primary goal is to present Persian food in a way that engages all our customers’ senses for a memorable dining experience.

“We will not rest on our laurels but will continue to bring new ways of exploring and savouring authentic Persian cuisine to diners in Singapore.”

The Shabestan team also comprises General Manager Suresh Menon, who has 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and Madan Kishor, Corporate F&B Director, who is primarily in charge of elevating Shabestan's guest experience to a new level for its customers.

Shabestan is no stranger to awards. The restaurant was one of the finalists for the “Best Mediterranean Restaurant” at the 2017 Epicurian Star Award. It was also awarded the “Vanguard Award Winner” at the 2015 Asia Enterprise Brand Awards and "Singapore Top Restaurants” at the 2015 Wine & Dine Award.

Singapore's Top Restaurants is one of the most credible and respected guides of Singapore's dining scene. First published by Wine & Dine magazine in 1996, it is now into its 21st edition.

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About Shabestan

Shabestan presents the true taste of Persia at Singapore's riverfront district, Robertson Quay. Experience Persian's warm hospitality, culture and food at a modern fine dining ambience.

Combining premium halal lamb, beef, chicken, fish with Persian's finest ingredients like saffron, olive oil, pomegranates, prunes, raisins, and nuts, we curate refined Persian dishes on our menu. Our goal is to introduce Persian cuisine and culture to more people in Singapore and globally.

What could be a better way than through food?

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