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Deutschlander, Singapore

"Deutschlander is a lively restaurant where you find good food, good beer and music. The seating of Deutschlander is divided into inside and outside.  Outside (albeit sheltered, so you need not worry about rain), you are entertained by the band.  Inside, over the speakers, they play familiar covers. If you find beer boring (not me) or incomprehensible (me), fear not.  They have interesting beer cocktails that go easily to your head. (Yes, you get high easily). Yes, the portion is huge.  Yes, it is deep-fried, so it can be quite full and satisfying.  Thankfully, the sauerkraut and the berry sauce balance it out." Travel Restaurant Hotel Blog

They must have braised the beef for a reeeeeeaaaaaaally long time (I mean that in a good way), cos the beef is COMPLETELY penetrated by the flavour.  The chef is skilful and knows what he is doing though, for the vegetables still retain their crisp. 

Try pairing the braised beef with their house pour Cabernet Sauvignon.  From Chile, it was big, bold and DELICIOUS.  They have a 1-for-1 promotion for their housepours and spirits. Do the math; it’s worth it.

Both the Kaiserschmarrn and the apple pie came piping hot, I am really thankful for that.  Having piping hot desserts just make them so satisfying ends to a good meal. 

Deutschlander is certainly convivial.  The tables fill up easily, even on week nights.  The clientele is white-collared professionals, young, yuppie couples and tourists.  With the relaxed, cut-loose vibe, very affordable prices for both alcohol and food, I can see why.

3B River Valley Road #01-12 Clarke Quay Singapore 179021

Tel: +65 6338 0480

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