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Coming up, next - Cuba Libre Café & Bar, Frasers Tower

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Discover the Cuban milieu at Cuba Libre Café & Bar, Frasers Tower. Savour contemporary Cuban cuisine with a healthier approach and a wide selection of mojitos (some of the best in Singapore).

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Since the first Cuba Libre Café & Bar opened in 2006, it adds fun and energetic vibes to Singapore's scene. The new edition of Café and Bar brings Cuba Libre's vibrant energy to Frasers Tower. Bright colours interior, rustic vibes, and eclectic quirks, the venue manifests a modern twist of Cuba.

The new concept focuses more on its kitchen, serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner for Tanjong Pagar locale. Added repertoire to the menu offerings include smoothies, eggs and avocados on toasts, pastries, sandwiches, desserts and late-night snack bar. With influences from the Caribbean islands that surround it, as well as Spain, France, Portugal, Asia and Africa, Cuba Libre's new menu is packed with an excellent source of nutrients.

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