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Handling coronavirus (covid-19) with care

With tensions rising globally about coronavirus, it’s evident that people are getting more conscious about their lifestyle and outsides. Especially with code orange in Singapore, it’s become a health security issue. Inheriting coronavirus can undoubtedly raise some impeccable risks not only for you but for your family and friends as well. One must take safety precautions such as following hygiene and cleanliness. Do wash your hands properly before consuming any edible items. Ensure that your surroundings are clean and do wear face masks outside and inside households. While the situation is being contained to the best of its ability, it’s such small steps that each one can take to ensure that the disease is stopped on its tracks.

To prevent any disease or illness to spread further, all our restaurants follow a strict protocol in cleanliness and ensure that the food that goes out of our kitchen is rich, 100% hygienic and cooked to perfection without any additives. All of the protocols that are taken at all Eclectique F&B Concepts outlets (Shabestan, Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen, Cuba Libre Café & Bar, Deutschlander and Gabbar) to promote cleanliness and hygiene are provided below.

Managing services

  • Clean and disinfect all objects and surfaces (including menus, iPads, tablets, doorknobs, chairs, etc.) that have been touched regularly.

  • Managers consider implementing an hourly check.

  • Provide serving utensils for sharing dishes.

  • Temperature checks for all diners before entering the restaurant.

  • Make alcohol-based sanitizers available to diners at all major touchpoints: By the table, in the bathroom, by the entrance and exit. Replenish and remind staff to change face masks after every service.

  • Regular temperature check for staff and diners.

For those of you who are concerned to go out, fret not, we have delivery services available from various concepts.

If Mediterranean cuisine is what you favour, then enjoy an antioxidant-enriched cuisine from Pita Tree that comprises of healthy ingredients such as tomatoes, olives oil and other Mediterranean herbs. Food delivery services from the following outlets are available.

On the other hand, Cuba Libre Café & Bar Frasers Towers is the hub of Latin American cuisine and is slowly gaining popularity amongst many Singaporeans. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest of what the cuisine has to offer. Comprising of several ingredients such as beans, grains and avocadoes that helps in improving the functionality of the body, provide protection from chronic diseases and also acts like a natural detoxifier.

If you are craving for a good and hearty German food, Deutschlander provides delivery for dinner and supper till late! PS: Get 15% Off your delivery order through deliveroo and foodpanda (min. of $20 purchase), valid till 15 March.

Enjoy your favourite delicacies from the comfort of your own home.


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