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Indulge in the Delightful Persian Cuisine with Sunset Dinner at Shabestan

Get ready to savour the flavours of the Middle East this Ramadan with Shabestan's Sham-e-Bahaar Menu 2023. This delightful 6-course menu is available for dinner every day from 22 March to 21 April, priced at $119++ per person.

The name Sham-e-Bahaar, meaning 'Spring Evening,' perfectly captures the joyousness and renewal of the season and the togetherness and celebration spirit of Ramadan for everyone to come together and enjoy the festivities, so gather with loved ones in our cozy ambience and indulge in a culinary journey through traditional Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine, sure to leave a lasting impression.

The feast begins with Salatah Aljarjir, a refreshing watercress salad with cherry tomatoes and crunchy walnuts tossed in a delightful vinaigrette. Next up is the traditional Sparrow Tongue Soup, also known as Shawrbuh Lisan Aleusfur. It is known to be delicious and full of medicinal benefits, making it a popular choice during Ramadan.

For the mezze course, savour the rich and flavorful Hims Bialfilfil Alahmir Almashwii. This roasted red pepper hummus will tantalize your taste buds and explosions in your mind.

For the main course, you can choose from Garlic Yoghurt Chicken, Samak Mashwiun (Grilled Fish), or Halabi Kebab (Minced Lamb & Parsley), all perfectly grilled over charcoal for an authentic Middle Eastern taste.

The stew course features the popular Moussaka, a vegetarian eggplant stew cooked to perfection and flavour.

Finally, the feast concludes with Kanafih Bialayis Karim, Kunafa & Ice Cream, a decadent dessert that combines the sweetness of Kunafa with the coolness of ice cream for the perfect ending to your meal.

Gather your family and friends, celebrate all the good things in life, and experience the joy of togetherness and the flavours of the Middle East at Shabestan with our Sham-e-Bahaar Menu 2023. We can't wait to welcome you and serve you!

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