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Middle Eastern dips, wraps and kebabs at Pita Tree

"The Arabic Lamb Shank Biryani ($38) is listed as the restaurant's signature dish and it is certainly worth ordering.The rice comes to the table in a pot, with the whole shank - which has been slow-cooked separately - on top. The server then shreds the meat from the bone at the table, and stirs it into the rice. Fluffy and fragrant with spices, the rice is the best part inthe Arabic Lamb Shank Biryani ($38). 

Extra gravy from the lamb is served separately, or mixed into the rice if desired. I opt for it to be kept on the side as I prefer to taste the spices the rice is cooked with. But in between bites, I add a spoonful of gravy to the shredded lamb for more flavour.

The rice is the best part of the dish - fluffy and fragrant with spices. For me, the meat is just an extra that is good in small pieces to complement the rice."

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