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Pita Tree - Wrap of the Month (Feb) - Vegetarian Halloumi Cheese Wrap

Pita Tree being a great contributor in the Mediterranean food Singapore has dominated the space. Mediterranean food in Singapore is growing on its popularity as more people are aware on the health benefits that it offers. With its surplus health benefits that the cuisine brings, Pita Tree is proud to introduce it new limited iteration of Halloumi Cheese Vegetarian Wrap with pomegranate sauce in February on public demand for more vegetarian options.

Pita Tree is a growing Mediterranean healthy fast food chain in Singapore that has the knack of providing guilt-free kebabs which are on the healthier side. The vegetarian falafels might be renowned and claimed by the public to be the best falafel in town. Many customers requested to add on more vegetarian item onto our menu as well, hence for the first edition of the special wrap of the month, we would like to serve a limited-edition Halloumi Cheese Vegetarian Wrap with pomegranate sauce for $12.50 for February.

You can grab this delicious wrap infused with Mediterranean mixes and spices to tingle your taste buds into having the most pleasant experience while having this wrap. Grab them now at the 3 locations of Pita Tree (Takashimaya & Forum the Shopping Mall - both at Orchard road area) and the Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen at Frasers Tower.


About Pita Tree.

Pita Tree is the one-stop-shop for all your Mediterranean cuisine desires to be fulfilled. They serve up some extravagant wraps with juicy falafels and much more. Located at three locations across Singapore, customers can have the best time in indulging themselves in Mediterranean food which is not only healthy but quite delicious as well. for a fresh, fast and healthy take on Mediterranean food, Pita Tree is the place to visit.

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