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Pop-up wine events at Shabestan

Elevate your Persian dining experience with a selection of hand-crafted wines through our POP-UP wine tasting event at Shabestan. Enjoy the best of Persian delicacies accompanied with wines hand-picked by our guest and award-winning sommelier to add flavor and expand your culinary horizon for your Persian palate.

The Persian palate is an assortment of different tastes, fragrances and aromas that would indeed spice up your appetite. Complementing the rich assortment of flavors, wines are perfectly suited to bring out these flavors extensively. It helps in creating an eccentric and flavorful dish. At Shabestan, we aim to introduce Persian culture and cuisine to more people of Singapore. What better what to do it other than food?

Thus, to give a little sneak peek of the cuisine and wines we have to offer, Shabestan presents a pop-up wine tasting event for a fun-filled evening with our guest sommelier, Indra Kumar to guide you through the different aromas and flavors of wine tasting to help extract the right flavors of different Persian delicacies curated by senior executive chef Hamid Hosseini to satisfy the hunger throbs within you. Join us on the 3rd and 24th of January from 7 pm - 9 pm to refresh your palate.

About Shabestan

Shabestan is the home for the best Persian food in Singapore where you can indulge yourself with the flavorful journey through the cuisine of Persia and experience it in modern yet authentic décor. Located at Singapore’s riverfront district, get the warm taste of Persian hospitality accompanied by a contemporary fine dining ambience with a hint of culture and authenticity from the diversity of Persia.

Reservations recommended:

The Pier @ Robertson 80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-13, Singapore 239013

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