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Shabestan’s 3-Course Tasting Set Lunch Menu at $48++

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Healthy Persian Executive Set Lunch Menu at Shabestan Singapore

Available from 12 - 3pm Daily | $48++ per person

The Ancient Persian culinary culture uses natural herbs, spices and food ingredients as medicine for centuries. This Set Lunch Menu consist of ancient Persian remedies such as Zaaferan (Saffron), Golpar (Angelica), Zardchoobeh (Turmeric), Limoo Amani (Dried Lime), Somaq (Sumac), Darchin (Cinnamon), Nana (Persian Mint), Narenj (Orange).


Served with Bread

(Choose 1)

Kash-E-Bademjan 🅥 (Gluten Free)

Mixture of sautéed eggplant, onion, mint, and Shabestan’s secret dressing

Borani Esfanaj 🅥 (Gluten Free)

Fresh spinach with fried onion, garnished with sun-dried yoghurt and saffron

Shirazi Salad 🅥 (Gluten Free)

Freshly chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, onions with Shabestan's Shirazi dressing


Served with Saffron Basmati & Green Rice

(Choose any 1 dish from our Charcoal Grilled Kebabs or Persian Stew)


Mixed Kubideh Kebab (Gluten Free)

Combination of lamb and chicken kubideh, grilled tomatoes

Fish Kebab (Gluten Free)

Seasonal fish marinated in special saffron sauce, skewered and charcoal-grilled

Chicken Masti (Gluten Free)

A special dish from Southern Persia, fresh boneless chicken leg marinated with yoghurt & Persian herbs

Shandiz (Gluten Free) (+ $10)

Tender chunks of spring lamb on the bone, charcoal grilled to perfection, with grilled tomato

Beef Pasand Kebab (Gluten Free) (+ $10)

Beef fillet marinated in golden saffron, Persian herbs & olive oil


Vegetarian Ghormeh Sabzi 🅥

Savoury medley of red beans, herbs, sun-dried lime & fresh vegetables

Impossible Fesenjan 🅥

Vegan meatballs made in house with impossible meat cooked in pomegranate sauce


Dessert of The Day

🅥 - Vegetarian

Address: Shabestan is located at 80 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-13, Singapore 239013.

Reservations: Call +65 6836 1270 or book via


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