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The New Cuba Libre Café & Bar: A Taste of Cuba in the Heart of Singapore

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Cuba Libre Stage

Bringing more Cubania to Singapore

"Clarke Quay has recently undergone a transformation, with a renewed focus on live music bars along the river at Block E. One of the newest additions is Cuba Libre Café & Bar, located at Block E #01-03/04. The new Cuba Libre's venue has been designed to enhance the Cubania experience for guests, which is the soul and lifestyle of Cubans that revolves around music, rum and cigars. In Cuba, music is the root of everything, and it influences everything from sunrise to sundown. Whether young or old, everyone in Cuba is singing or humming to a rhythm, which is the essence of Cubania. With the new venue, Cuba Libre aims to revive this Cubania feel and bring the Cuban culture to Singapore through music. According to Alex Moreno, the General Manager, "We want to bring the Cuban rhythm to Singapore and share the essence of Cubania that we started 17 years ago with Cuba Libre."

At the new Cuba Libre in Block E, Clarke Quay, visitors can get a taste of Cuba's vibrant culture and atmosphere. The walls are adorned with original hand-painted murals that represent the spirit of liberation, fun, freedom, and music of Cuba. One mural behind the stage depicts the music and love of Havana, while another celebrates the passion and bold colors of female patrons, inspired by the iconic Frida Kahlo. General Manager Alex Moreno explains that women play a big part in Latin culture, and Cuba Libre wants to celebrate them in their own way. Come and experience the lively ambiance and rich culture of Cuba at Cuba Libre Café & Bar.

stereofly at cuba libre cafe & bar

“Clarke Quay is known for its vibrant live music scene; we want Cuba Libre to be a one stop venue where guests can enjoy non-stop music with our alternative power-bands line up and DJ sessions. Cuba Libre’s new venue is dedicated to providing non-stop entertainment, with a rotating lineup of power-bands and DJs. The new venue has been designed with the ultimate party experience in mind, with a central stage and DJ booth that offer a 360-degree view of the action. According to Halifi Mahmud, Executive Director, Cuba Libre is the perfect one-stop destination for anyone looking to enjoy the ultimate live music scene in Clarke Quay.

The resident power-bands back to back performance offers an unforgettable night out at Clarke Quay! The new Adrenalina band is made of five talented Cuban musicians, bringing the vibrant and energetic rhythms of Latin music from Havana to Singapore. The new band members were picked to tailor the audience of Cuba Libre in Singapore. With a wide range of Latin American music repertoire, infectious rhythms and melodies. Stereofly is a veteran local band with electrifying performance of Top40 hits. The marriage of energy between the Cuban and local power-bands and the non-stop transitions made partying in Cuba Libre such a unique experience. And to keep the memento alive, DJ Boi Kay will keep the party going with a mix of reggaeton and Latin party music all nightl long!"


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