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Top Outdoor Wedding Venue in Singapore

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Outdoor wedding permata

Make your special day unforgettable with Gedung Kuning, the premium outdoor halal wedding venue in Singapore. Discover Gedung Kuning’s breathtaking beauty and start planning your dream wedding now.

Singapore is known as one of the world's most magical and luxurious places. Therefore, having a wedding there is a dream for many couples. Since the country offers numerous stunning venues, newlyweds often have a difficult decision to make when it comes to picking the one. However, if you are going for something authentic and unique, we have the perfect outdoor wedding venue in Singapore. Gedung Kuning offers a marvellous setting along with exceptional services – everything you need for an ideal union!

The Story of Gedung Kuning

Permata Gedung Kuning Team

Every celebration requires a blend of history and magic, which is what Gedung Kuning offers. The luxurious venue was built in the late 1850s with Palladian architecture features. European architecture used to be a huge inspiration in those days. Hence, this venue has many noteworthy elements and accents. These characteristics make Gedung Kuning the perfect setting for your most cherished moments.

The combination of cultures is seen in the architecture of this magnificent place. The brick and wood exterior and the Malay house design interior make the venue a special place. When couples want authenticity, Gedung Kuning is what they are looking for.

Moreover, this outdoor wedding venue in Singapore is often linked to royalty. It is because of the yellow colour of the walls as well as the name, which translates into “Yellow Mansion”. More precisely, the building was intended for the Malay royal family’s heir, so the yellow colour was mandatory.

However, in the modern-day, Gedung Kuning represents a sophisticated place to celebrate new beginnings. Nowadays, this place can accommodate a large number of guests and make your big day unforgettable. Your wedding can be a genuine fairytale, just as you have dreamed of!

The Best Outdoor Wedding Venue in Singapore

Gedung Kuning is considered one of the most beautiful Malay wedding venues in Singapore. For couples who want an unforgettable experience, this is the perfect location to tie the knot. If your goal is uniqueness, this spot has every unique feature you need. You can design your celebration any way you want because the versatility of it will allow practically everything.

The Gedung Kuning outdoor wedding venue in Singapore is ideal for elegant and romantic ceremonies, curated with a breath of fresh air and outdoor splendour. Complemented with the gorgeous backdrop featuring a stunning skyline, your vow exchange will feel magical and absolutely surreal. The natural setting can add a charming and glamorous effect to your union. The addition of floral arrangements can make the place even more dreamy, while an elegant table setting will make your big day complete.

A very specific feature of Gedung Kuning is that it is a halal wedding venue in Singapore. Therefore, if you want to have a union with authentic cuisine, you have the possibility. If you want to give your guests a delightful experience, you have the chance to pick from different courses. Not only will your guests enjoy spectacular scenery, but they will also taste miraculously delicious specialities.

Gedung Kuning allows you to choose from distinguished bridal packages. Your Singapore Malay wedding package can include a four, five, or six-course degustation menu. It is up to you to make your union as spectacular as you want. However, whatever you choose, you can be certain that your guests will be amazed!

The Wedding Dias

Permata wedding dias

An authentic service the venue offers is the opportunity to use sophisticated wedding dias. These can be set according to your preferences and the effect you want to achieve for your bridal celebration. The wedding dias serve as a focal point for the couple during the wedding ceremony and are often adorned with decorative elements. In addition, they are considered an important cultural element, so you will make your wedding truly authentic.

An elevated platform is the most important feature of the bridal dias that serves to depict the grandeur of the occasion. Namely, the platform is intended to create a focal point for newlyweds. It is their day, so they deserve the spotlight!

In addition, the elevated platform can be accompanied by a decorative backdrop. It may feature elaborate designs, floral arrangements, fabrics, or other ornaments. These features are the perfect decoration for creative photographs and meaningful memories.

In many cultural traditions, the bridal dias is a stage for various ritual performances or ceremonial acts. So, it can be the ideal place for couples to exchange vows, receive blessings, or participate in cultural customs, all while being visible to the guests.

Book a Spectacular Outdoor Venue for Your Wedding Day in Singapore

Your big day deserves all the elements to have an extraordinary experience. Our magnificent outdoor wedding venue in Singapore can give you the desired effect. Your dreamy union is one step away from you!

If you wish to learn more details about the venue, you can book a free wedding consultation.


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