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Understanding the true essence of Mediterranean culture.

The popularity of Mediterranean restaurants in Singapore have been growing in the past few years. While their cuisine blends some interesting flavours in creating delicious kebabs in Singapore, there is no doubts that its loved by all. The Mediterranean belt has been an influential region where one of the best gastronomies of the world resides. It’s much more than incorporating a set of ingredients, but it’s the religion, culture and diversity that is showcased on the dishes. Countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Latvia have showcased similar cooking technique bundled with ingredients alike and showcase the Mediterranean cuisine in their own version. This diversity is all thanks to the conglomerate of traditions exchanged between Jewish, Arabic and Christian cultures which prevails to the modern-day and age. Greek and Moroccan gastronomies reflect the Mediterranean diet extent fully.

Olive plantation in the region has flourished through decades, and olive oil is the staple ingredient that is mostly used in all its traditional dishes in this cuisine. Another notable mention is sunflower oil. Renowned ingredients used in the Mediterranean cuisine are almonds, nuts, rice, dairy products, and all types of cold dishes comprising of fruits and vegetables. To wash down these authentic flavours of the dishes, Mediterranean wines is the best drink that compliments any dish from the region.

One can witness festivals celebrated throughout the year due to the influence of Christianity, Judaism and Arabic cultures. It’s the time where experiencing the art, culture, diversity and values of Mediterranean culture is bought to life all through its cuisine. Enjoy dishes such as hummus & pita, grilled kebab, chicken shish, chicken or lamb skewer, lamb kofta and more to encapsulate the bustling flavours of Mediterranean ingredients captured through wraps and falafels all through Pita Tree. Enjoy such delicacies through our kiosks located at –

Takashimaya - 391 Orchard Road #01-K1. Civic Plaza. Singapore 238872

Forum - 538 Orchard road #01-K3. Forum The Shopping Mall. Singapore 238884

Don’t restrict yourself from enjoying delicious Mediterranean food Singapore as Pita Tree now delivers through Enjoy an assortment of falafels, wraps and kebab delivery Singapore to enjoy form the comfort of your home.

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