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Vegan Degustation Dinner with Living Veggie by Ania

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The vegan diet has taken the world by storm and has made its way into all kinds of cuisines. The Persian cuisine might be reminiscent of kebabs and other grilled items, but having a vegan take to the flavours of Persia is something extraordinary and exhilarating to experience. Hence, you can have the same experience at Shabestan, where a Vegan degustation dinner has been curated by Ania, a vegan advocate, and blogger.

What can one expect?

Shabestan is known for its outstanding Persian cuisine, offering some of the best kebabs and grills that Singapore has to offer. But for this evening, Chef Hamid from Shabestan will turn vegetables into the star of his dishes. Discover a new pathway of the vegan diet through renown vegan blogger and advocate, Ania. Enjoy the tantalizing tastes of Persian food made in a unique way which is filled with antioxidants and potent anti-inflammatory properties to boost your health.

Experience a 7-course plant-based Persian feast that would comprise of dishes such as Ash Rehash, Sholeh Zard, Eggplant Bruschetta, Soya Lubia Polo, and much more. Indulge yourself to a vegan degustation menu on a Wednesday, 19th February, at 7 pm at Shabestan. Make the evening an unforgettable and a special occasion with tickets starting from $125 nett per person, and you can grab them on Ania is an avid vegan diet follower who admires Shabestan ever since her first visit. She has been a fan of Chef Hamid because of his understanding of cooking and the preparation of dishes. The active collaboration between Shabestan and Ania would undoubtedly provide a unique take in providing Persian food in a unique manner packed with superfoods to boost your health and reimagine the way Persian cuisine is cooked. #vegandinner #vegandinnersingapore #vegandegustation #veganmenu #vegansingapore

About Shabestan

Shabestan thrives as a centre for a fine dining experience in the heart of Singapore that offers some excellent Persian delicacies to indulge upon. On the contrary, it’s a unique take by blending the flavours of Persia and giving the people of Singapore a unique pallet to feast upon.

The Pier @ Robertson 80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-13, Singapore 239013

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