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If you share our beliefs & aspirations and are passionate about the hospitality industry, but you don't see any suitable position, talk to us anyway!


Here at Eclectique F&B Concepts are open to different ideas and a variety of tastes. We pride ourselves to select our sources from the freshest ingredients, ideas, and executions to serve you unique experiences in our curated restaurants and bars.

Puneet Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer

& President

Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism 

(University of Mumbai, India)


After graduating from Bachelor of hospitality & tourism in Mumbai. In 2008,  Mitul pursued his career as a chef in San Diego, USA. His journey continues in the hospitality industry back in Pune (India) in 2010 and Singapore in 2012. With various exposure from the kitchen, floor to the operation of franchise restaurants, he gained a holistic knowledge and application of the restaurant business.  Mitul is now responsible for the overall activities of all concepts under Eclectique's umbrella. His beliefs that each personnel is vital on building each brand, everyone contributes to the success of creating a unique experience for the guest. 

General Manager - Bars & Clubs

Vick was responsible for overseeing full spectrum restaurant and club operations as well as F&B Management in Hard Rock Café, Singapore and various casual dining and bars including Warehouse Bar & Bistro, Verve Pizza and Wings at Clarke Quay and Mason’s at Gillman Barracks. With over 22 years of background in a casual dining focus joints, he contributes his expertise in smoothing the operations, guests satisfaction and profitability of Ecelctique F&B Concepts. 

Marketing Specialist,

Bachelor of Art (University of Northumbria, UK)

Advisory Member of World Gastronomy Institute.



A technology savvy marketing manager with a steep marketing experience in the Food & Beverage sector and was responsible for brand communications behind some leading hospitality sector in Singapore.

Over the years of working with various Food 

& Beverage concepts, she possesses strong business acumen in identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities. 

Fransisca Wijanarko

Head of Marketing

2019-08-02 15.20_edited.jpg
Palak Garg

Corporate Sales & Events Manager

BSC in Hospitality and Hotel Management, Institute of Hotel Management (PUSA, Delhi)

Palak pursued her career in hotel sales with Hyatt Regency and Taj Group of Hotels by The Indian Hotels Company Limited since 2014. Over the past five years, she grew her expertise in corporate hotel sales and events through various portfolios of Taj Hotels, palaces, resorts, and safaris. She is passionate about building the B2B side of the hospitality business and improving corporate social responsibility along the line. 

Alexander Moreno

Executive Chef -

Cuba Libre Café & Bar

Chef Alex was born in Havana, Cuba, home of the Mojito. He began his career in one of the best schools for Latin American chefs, located in the heart of Cuba, famous for its food; where he learned about Cuban and European cuisine. He trained at the Cohiba Hotel and then acquired his skills in several restaurants in Havana and ended up working for the first Cuban restaurant in Vietnam. For the past three years, he has been executive chef for his own company where he created the menu for various restaurants in Vietnam where people can really experience and feel their love for food. Vietnam and Cuba have many similarities, such as love of seafood and pork, which are often served in different ways and styles in both countries.

This passion has guided him to continue on his way to other lands where he works on tapas creations with unique touches that he intends to express in his dishes

Irani born Chef Hamid Hosseini started his culinary journey in Tehran. As young boys, his brother (Chef Mohammad Hosseini) and he were accustomed to gatherings, where their family chats over a cup of tea, some sweets, or a full meal. Young Hamid and his brother often helped their mother in the kitchen preparing dinners in traditional Persian cooking. She has become an inspiration in their culinary journey ever since.  Pursuing his fascinations over the classic cooking techniques and a wide variety of Persian herbs, Hamid continued his journey at Payame Noor University where he graduated as a top student. After graduation, he started working in various styles of Persian kitchens; from traditional kitchens in Tehran, haute-cuisine kitchens in Dubai and modern Persian kitchen in Kuala Lumpur. 

Uniting his techniques and knowledge, Chef Hamid developed his style of cooking, New Persian cuisine. He believes in respecting high-quality, authentic Persian ingredients while using contemporary cooking techniques to extract the best flavours. He aims to heighten the bar of Persian cuisine and to lead the introduction of New Persian cuisine to the world.

Hamid Hosseini

Senior Executive Chef -

Shabestan, Finest Persian Restaurant

Pita Tree’s Executive Chef, Hany Moustafa Basyouni Gabr developed a passion for bodybuilding and healthy living at a young age. Combining cooking and his interest in fitness; he curated his menu at Pita Tree to offer healthy Mediterranean food beyond grills and kebabs. "Mediterranean diet emphasises on vegetables, fruits, legumes and proteins. Minding healthy fats and nutrition is crucial. In Mediterranean cooking, a few of the key ingredients are herbs, olive oils and quality fresh produce. Herbs and olive oil have been known for centuries to carry a lot of health benefits for our body.  I prefer using more natural herbs and spices with quality lean meats gives a world of difference in the outcome of the dish. The depth of spices and herbs elevates the flavour a lot more in meat, so we don't use a lot of salt in the marinating process. I'd love our guests to taste the difference in the dishes that we serve, and not feel guilty about eating grills and kebabs. The versatility of Mediterranean countries offers so much more variety in salads, dips, stews, and much more. Creating Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar's menu has been such a joy as I can combine the two favourite things I love the most and present them through this menu to Singapore customers."

PitaTree LOW RES_055_edited.jpg
Hany Moustafa
Basyouni Gabr 

Executive Chef -

Pita Tree