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Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar opens in Boat Quay

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

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Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar has opened its first outlet in Boat Quay to serve customers who crave good quality, healthy Mediterranean food at prices that will not hurt one’s pockets.

Unlike Pita Tree Mediterranean Grilled Kebabs along Orchard Road, which is mostly a take-away kiosk, the latest offering from the team behind Persian restaurant Shabestan, is a full-service casual dining restaurant with an extensive menu and seating capacity of up to 50.

Chef Hany Mustafa Basyouni Gabr who heads Pita Tree’s kitchen, said: “The Mediterranean diet is known to be the world’s healthiest diet for good reasons. It uses ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, omega-3, low-fat protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

“Pita Tree is proud to bring these healthy choices to our customers and to let them know that healthy food doesn’t need to be bland and unexciting.”

At Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar, diners can choose from a wide variety of dishes ranging from appetisers, dips, salads, stews as well as grills and kebabs.

The restaurant’s dips and salads are made with virgin olive oil and its dishes are made with natural ingredients and nutritious superfoods such as sumac berries, barberries, tahini, pomegranate, yoghurt and saffron which boast various health benefits. For instance, sumac berries have high levels of anti-oxidants which help prevent heart disease, cancers and osteoporosis, while barberries can boost heart health and cleanse the liver and gut.

There is a selection of appetisers such as Kibbeh, fried lamb patty balls with bulgur and onions ($12) and Tangy Sumac Fries, french fries sprinkled with powdered sumac red berries ($7), as well as salads such as the Tabbouleh Salad, made with Italian parsley, onion, tomato and bulgur dressing ($8).

Like all good Mediterranean diners, Pita Tree also offers several dips infused with virgin olive oil. They include the Spicy Eggplant dip, made with eggplant rubbed in red peppers, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and dried chilli ($8), as well as Hummus and Tzatziki, a dip made from dill, garlic, lemon juice and yoghurt. For those who can’t decide, the restaurant has a Mixed Dip Platter with selection of four dips served with four pitas ($29).

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Mixed Dip Platter

For a heartier meal, diners may select from a list of main dishes including the Signature Arabic Lamb Shank Biryani ($38, portion for two), Greek Moussaka, a lamb casserole with eggplant, potato and béchamel sauce ($24), or the Garlic Yoghurt Chicken ($13 for 1 skewer – 150gm, $23 for 2 skewers – 300gm).

They can complete their meal with desserts such as the Turkish Baklava, a fluffy pastry with honey and pistachio ($9) or Pistachio Ice Cream made from all-natural ingredients ($9).

Those looking for a tipple will be spoilt for choice as Pita Tree stocks a selection of house pour wines from Lebanon. It also serves beers, spirits, cocktails and martinis.

For the teetotallers, Pita Tree offers several mocktails as well as hot drinks such as Turkish Coffee ($5) and Persian Mint Tea ($5).

Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar has also launched buffet set lunches on weekdays to cater to those working in the area. Diners can select from the Salad Set ($11 nett) with one fill of any salad or a choice of protein (+$3 nett for 100g of chicken breast, beef, fish or falafel) or the Gourmet Lunch Set which comprises a soup of the day, all-you-can-eat salads and dips with pita bread, a choice of vegetables, stews or grilled items, a soft drink and a dessert ($17 nett). The lunch promotion runs from 11.30am to 2.45pm, Mondays to Fridays.

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About Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar

Pita Tree is a casual dining restaurant which serves good quality and healthy Mediterranean food at affordable prices. The restaurant aims to offer diners great value for a delicious and wholesome Mediterranean meal with no frills.

All dishes are made from natural ingredients and nutritious superfoods such as sumac berries, barberries, tahini, pomegranate, yoghurt and saffron. Pita Tree also uses virgin olive oil in its dips and salads.

Join our mission of spreading the love of good food for good value!

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