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Pinot Noir. The Most Elegant Grape on Earth

Pinot Noir is one of the trendiest red wine grapes, but it is also ancient, perhaps one of the oldest still being grown! Pinot Noir has played a critical role in wine history and represents some of the world’s most age-worthy and collected wines.

Pinot is contemplative and easy to drink simultaneously, which is why it has so many fans. Let’s talk about Pinot Noir and the wines made with this noble Burgundian grape. This is all you need to know about Pinot Noir.

The Origin of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a red, thin-skinned grape. Experts believe it originated in the French region of Burgundy, where it is still the most important red grape. However, Pinot Noir now grows in dozens of countries.

Interestingly, unlike other famous grapes, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir won’t grow anywhere — this is a cold-climate grape and will only thrive when the conditions are right. Pinot is extremely hard to grow!

Today, wine growers and winemakers have found ideal places to grow Pinot Noir in Northern California, Oregon, Germany, Coastal Australia and a few other spots. This means there’s more Pinot Noir than ever, and the quality is overall excellent.

What Does Pinot Noir Taste Like?

Pinot Noir produces light- to medium-bodied red wines that are pale, often translucent. The grapes don’t produce tannins or the gritty particles that cause a drying sensation in your mouth. These are silky wines with invigorating acidity, so they’re easy to enjoy, even by non-wine drinkers.

Pinot Noir offers red and black fruit aromas, often redolent of cherries, and hints of undergrowth, sometimes as damp earth or mushrooms. Also, since Pinot Noir wines spend time in oak barrels, they gain the loveliest aromas of brown spices and vanilla.

Pinot Noir Wines to Try

Stone Bay Pinot Noir. You might know New Zealand for its refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, but its Pinot Noir is just as good. Taste this fantastic pale red wine with scents of ripe black cherries and a silken palate, and pair it with salmon, tuna or stir-fries.

Toi Toi Central Otago Pinot Noir. This is another extraordinary Pinot Noir from New Zealand, this time from the world’s southernmost wine region — Otago. Expect red and black fruit, spices and a complex yet refined palate held together by mouth-watering acidity. Pair with oily fish and white meat with mushroom sauce.

Ropiteau Pommard. For a Burgundian Pinot, this extraordinary wine from Pommard is fruit-forward and earthy — it is complex and age-worthy and is ideal for memorable occasions. Enjoy with duck or pork belly.

Pinot Noir Has No Equal

Pinot Noir is the very definition of elegance. Its silky wines are approachable and refreshing, but they can also age well, so they’re enjoyed by amateur wine enthusiasts and professionals alike. And although some of the most expensive wines on the planet are made with Pinot Noir, the grape produces wines for all budgets and occasions.

Pinot is best enjoyed with roasted birds, stir-fries, mushroom dishes and comforting stews. When served slightly chilled, these wines are delicious on their own as well. For elegance, versatility and purity, Pinot Noir has no equal. It’s no surprise Pinot is considered a noble grape — there’s no other like it. If you want to try Pinot Noir in Singapore, explore our selection at Eclectique Wines & Spirits.

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