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Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine Launches New Vegetarian and Vegan Menu for World Vegan Month

"Want to try Persian cuisine at its vegetarian best? Head to Shabestan! Shabestan is an award-winning restaurant that treats your taste buds to some of the finest Persian food available in Singapore. Helmed by Chef Hamid Hosseini, Shabestan is located at Singapore’s riverfront district, Robertson Quay.

Now if you thought that Persian food was all about kebabs and lamb, Chef Hamid and his team have gone all out to prove you wrong. In celebration of World Vegan Month in November, a vegetarian menu using high-quality, authentic Persian ingredients has been introduced. Available till 15 December 2018, the new vegetarian and vegan menu aimed at veg*n and health conscious diners is a part of its Persian Green Month. Says Madan Kishor, Shabestan’s Corporate Food and Beverage Director, “Persian cuisine is as diverse and multi-faceted as its culture and we would like to showcase another side of Persian cuisine with healthy and plant-based food”.

The special Green Month menu is vast and varied with a plethora of veg dishes. We sampled just a few of the dishes on Shabestan’s Vegetarian & Vegan Menu, and each dish delighted us more than the next. There are several vegan dishes on the menu, and most of the vegetarian dishes can be done vegan too upon request." Eat Roam Live

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