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Year-end with Egyptian Chef, Hany Moustafa

It’s that time of the year where friends and family members come together and celebrate the festive occasion of Christmas.

What does this festive season mean to Chef Hany?

The true essence of Christmas is only bought out when it is celebrated with your close friends and family members, and for our Egyptian Executive Chef, Moustafa Basyouni Gabr its no different. 

The time spent with his family is one of the most precious time ever. Having two daughters and one son, you often miss them a lot. Back in Egypt, he along with his wife and three children head out to the various carnivals held in Egypt filled with various Christmas decorations and attractions to give us the feel of the Christmas spirit. It is a fun experience where eating grilled kebabs and catching a movie which is a fun and exciting experience for the kids. But for me, it is the sheer smile and the sense of belonging felt from my wife and children that makes Christmas special and unique.

Chef Hany loves the way the entire city of Singapore lights up during the festive season. Especially this year, the kiosk set up at Wonderland at Gardens by The Bay, is a new venture that has undoubtedly spread the cuisine of the Mediterranean region and is happily accepted by the people of Singapore.  

The Festive season in the Mediterranean belt is not necessarily about the religious Christmas celebration only. It’s the whole spirit of celebrating what we have accomplished for the year and celebrating a new challenge for the new year to represents opportunity and dreams.

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